PASGT Helmet


PASGT (US Personal Armour System Ground Troops protection services) uses our advanced plant and processing techniques to provide enhanced shell protection at a lower weight and improved comfort.

In the interests of product improvement, we reserve the right to amend all of our designs.  Protection level will not be compromised.



Ballistic Protection is offered against a variety of bullets to NIJ Standard 0106.01 and fragment simulated projectiles (FSP) to Nato STANAG 2920 and US MIL std 662F.

The PASGT uses a 5-point harness system instead of the 8-point in the standard US version giving improved comfort, balance and reduced fatigue.

A 4- point harness system is also available.

Our harnesses use real leather for the brow band and head pads, high quality 100% cotton webbings for the chinstraps and polyester and nylon webbings for the headbands. Net-mesh crowns are optional on all harnesses.

Extra features that can be ordered separately include:
Face Shields (Visors) to protect from Ballistic, Fragmentation and/or Riot threats
Neck protection, NIJ Level II or NIJ Level IIIA
Helmet bag, visor covers and helmet covers

Available colours: Black, Navy, Olive Drab, Desert Tan, UN Blue and white.

The PASGT is also available as a bolt free helmet with a 7-pad suspension system that features no metal fittings.

For Exports – any VAT or Duty on goods is the responsibility of the Buyer – please ensure you are aware of these extra costs before making your purchase.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 25 cm

Black, Navy, Olive Drab, Sand


Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small

Fragmentation Visor

Extra long, None

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