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Spall Catching solution designed by Rezizt for a Ballistic Overmatch

Customer B approached Rezizt with an issue on spall catching on the back of their armoured steel panels. The joints in the panels had an armoured covered strip but due to the tightness of space the armour was being pushed to its limits. Extensive testing had highlighted a potential ‘overmatch’ of the armour, and the subsequent result was an amount of ballistic spall being produced with potentially fatal consequences.

Steps we took

Our first step was to understand the make up of the current solution and see whether we could offer any improvement. The customer had evolved the solution over a number of years and without increasing material costs significantly this option was not possible.

We then analysed the spall coming off the back of the current solution and with the ballistics range, we calculated an approximate velocity for the spall. Using this velocity and working out the dimensions and hardness of the spall coming off, we then worked with our lightweight materials and offered two possible solutions.

The customer then tested again, and we had success with both solutions, but our flexible Aramid PA material was chosen to be cost effective and has now been added to the design. Added to the work carried out on choosing the material, we also worked on the design to fix the flexible panel in place without any need for drilling holes or excessive and costly profiling.

Case Study 1

Fire Exit Doors that also meet an anti-burglary requirement

Case Study 2

Customer L approached Rezizt with an opportunity to supply replacement Emergency Exit doors. Our usual range of factory Emergency Exit doors was not sufficiently attractive to match the existing Beech furniture inside the prestigious offices in Cardiff. Unusually the specification was a European Standard; most anti burglary and vandal resistant doors sold in the UK are made to LPS1175 and have denominations of SR3 or SR4. This was to be made to EN1627 RC4.

Steps we took

Our first step was to understand the burglary resistance and the finish requirements involved. Liaising with the customer we always carry out a site survey. In this case we nominated one of our customers to do so, as the work was also to involve fitting the doors. We know we cannot be the experts at everything, so we often find a customer to work with, it is all part of our teaming strategy.

Manual attack of security rated doors – Comparison of Standards Table

The site survey carried out; we discussed the merits of SR4 doors versus the EN1627 RC4 spec. Our customer insisted that we supply to RC4 and he also added in an FD30 requirement for fire resistance.  

Quotes being accepted, the work begins and a new door delivered exactly to spec within 6 weeks of receipt of order. Bespoke request and a unique and friendly approach to a unique situation.

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