Anti Cut

Rezizt supplies materials to prevent attacks with cutting tools. We are continually developing these, and usually find the threat is best defeated with a number of different materials. From Building to Body Armour to Vehicle Protection, we have a range of anti-cut materials available.

Building Protection

Building Protection

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Stringent testing is regularly carried out to ensure our products meet the worldwide standards.

Rezizt supply a number of customers with anti-cut materials to incorporate into their own systems to resist worldwide standards. Current standards used vary, but the UK Loss Prevention Council Standards LPS1175 is the most stringent. One Customer in August got a resistance level pass at more than 5 minutes using Tool set G, which is a significant performance and extremely difficult to beat.

Our customers have also had passes from the less well known but equally as stringent CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) tests. These are not published openly, but are stringent tests against sustained attack by determined individuals and machines.

So ask Rezizt for help with creating your solution. We use a range of materials including hard, soft, easy to melt, flame resistant and tough. The recipe of the different materials is what makes our solutions so impressive.

For the flexible material we offer resistance to toothed blades from circular saws, drills, etc. The material can be quickly installed and is based on an aramid (Kevlar® or Twaron® ) base layer. Weight offerings are around 8kgs/m2.

For the rigid materials we have panel products based on timber or glass fibre substrates. The solution we offer depends on the weight and cost budgets you may have. Weight offerings are around 30+ kgs/m2.

Vehicle Cut Protection

Vehicle Cut Protection

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Rezizt started making vehicle anti-cut systems back in 2007. The systems we offer have 2 resistant levels. A flexible solution for toothed blades uses a jamming mechanism and is based on aramid fabric (Kevlar® or Twaron®). A more robust resistance is achieved using space gaps, and harder materials that wear down the blades. Threats used are drawn from the LPS1175 tool sets. We can offer a resistance of around 20 minutes on a vehicle using the recognised Cash in Transit cut resistance specification.

Personnel Protection

Anti Cut Vests

Rezizt have a number of anti-cut vest solutions in development. Please enquire for more information.

Rezi – Cut Resistant

Cut Resistant

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Rezizt are excited to launch our brand new REZI cut resistant products to market. Using Ceracore Technology, with both flexible and rigid options, it offers many ways to stop commercial and domestic break-ins.

A fire retardant bonded solution for resistance to domestic saws, drills and other generally available cutting tools. Rezi-Plaz and Rezi-Ply have the addition of a hard surface and can have armour added for ballistic protection.

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