Detsafe Units


Detsafe are a family of units that have been designed to provide safe handling of detonators. Should a detonator initiate by accident in one of the internal moulded chambers, there will be no consequential initiation of detonators in neighbouring chambers or any effects outside of the Detsafe itself.



• Based on NATO standard ammunition box. Body stretched and strengthened.
• Internal moulded chambers
• Chambers available with cardboard sleeves to meet UN “Inner Pack” requirement.
• Detsafe is fitted with an improved locking mechanism.
• Colour can be specified by customer. Standard colour is red.
• Designed to be compliant with UN Hazard Classification of 1.4S – can be transported with other explosives and stored to capacity in explosive magazines.

Additional information

Weight 63 kg
Dimensions 500 × 400 × 400 cm
Detsafe Units

Detsafe 5S, Detsafe 8L, Detsafe 8M, Detsafe EMOE, Detsafe FR


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