Blast Blanket


Blankets are Black Nylon as standard, and each blanket comes with a 400 m/s 1500x400mm Containment Ring, as well as a carry bag



Our new blankets utilise the next generation of aramid fabrics (Kevlar® or Twaron®), made in our own factories. We can assure customers of products that are made to the original test standards, and we also carry out stringent material batch testing. We offer standard sizes as per the table, but we can adapt and include extra features such as magnetic strips to allow blankets to be used on steel skinned vehicles, extra Velcro loops to allow the blankets to be attached to buildings or personnel more easily.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Blanket Size (mm)

1500×1200, 1500×1500, 2000×1500

Threat V50 Stanag 2920 m/s

400, 500, 600

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